Relaxed employees:  You want your employees to be energetic and dedicated in the workplace. But they will undoubtedly have to deal with stress in their work. Deadlines must be met, they experience work pressure and many hours have to be worked. If stress and tension continue to accumulate, these can cause physical complaints. What can you do as a manager to combat that stress? Could you combine effort with relaxation?

Benefits of relaxing with employees

Relaxing at work may sound contradictory. But it seems that a little relaxation while working is an excellent way to reduce stress. If an employee can relax for a moment, he then feels calmer, he can sleep better, he feels better, he will recover faster after an illness and he feels his body better. What can you do? The solution does not have to be found in very difficult things. For example, playing a game during working hours not only reduces stress, but it also increases productivity and concentration. In addition, the variety also provides more creative employees and more solutions are found.

  • When we started to do a simple throwing game at a company during the break, the reactions were overwhelming. Literally every employee had an extremely productive afternoon.
offering relaxation at work

By relaxing for a moment they can see things from a different perspective. If employees are more relaxed, that also has benefits for you as a manager. Less tense employees are less absent from work, have more energy and therefore perform better. They enjoy their work more. Another big advantage of relaxation at work is that it improves the working atmosphere. Team members get to know each other better, will form a closer team and that will lead to better results.

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Let employees relax

The best way to relax differs from person to person. But something as simple as a few stretching exercises, breathing exercises or a walk where you can take in the fresh air can be enough to reduce stress and to increase concentration. As a manager, you could encourage (demand) your employees to regularly leave the office and take short breaks. Especially when they are very busy, such small breaks are important for concentration. (movement has a fantastic influence on the ability of employees to concentrate better!)

stretching to reduce stress

Nowadays many companies are aware of the need for an area where employees can let off steam. As described earlier in this article, some relax by playing a game. The office should not, of course, become a playground, but you could provide a relaxation area at work. You could also make the meeting room available as a room where employees can withdraw from their regular workplace. Other managers offer employees a chair massage against built-up tension in their body.

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Another option is to let employees make a choice in terms of relaxation. This can help employees relax and reduce some work-related complaints. There are even managers who give their employees the opportunity for a power nap or a small siesta.

stress relief at work

Allow employees to relax and prevent stress 

All initiatives are taken by companies so that employees can relax more, contribute to reducing stress in the workplace. Of course, the best thing is to prevent stress at work, so that tension does not build up and burnout prevented.

In summary: Let employees relax

  • Make sure there is a fixed ‘break’ in which employees get away from work for a while
  • Make sure there is enough exercise to improve the ability to concentrate
  • Don’t be afraid to have a relaxed day. The bow cannot always be under tension.
  • Make the importance of vitality (and therefore relaxation) discussable

Conquer burnout and stress

Reducing stress and recovering from burnout can be quite the challenge. With the help of our professional coaches, we are convinced that a full recovery is within reach. Our years of experience has taught us what stepping stones will help you reach your goal more effectively and how to make sure the changes you make will be of help to you for the rest of your life. Let’s turn your burnout or stress into your best life ever.

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