3. Best life ever

Turn your burnout into the best thing that ever happened to you and find your own path to your best life ever.

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Best Life Ever

3. Best life ever

A burnout can change your life ultimately in a very positive way. So: Turn your burnout into the best thing that ever happened to you!

3. Best life ever

How does this work?

Turn your burnout-lemon into best-life-ever lemonade, that is the ultimate goal in phase 3. Learn to make use of what you have experienced and know how to prevent yourself from ever going into burnout or heavy stress again.

The secret? Because you have had a time of severe stress or burnout, you know very well what you do not want anymore. Your body will always react when you go in the wrong direction. In this 3rd phase, we are going to help you go in the right direction. Your body will support you and you will notice that you will enjoy everything you do.

We call this your best life ever!

In five live, online sessions, you and your coach will work together to live your life the way you want it, the way that makes you happy and fits you completely. A life where you would never have been able to get without the burnout or heavy stress

What can you expect?

  • Leading a life where you wouldn’t have been
    without the burnout
  • A strong internal motivation and power
  • The door to burnout and stress is locked forever
  • An energetic, fulfilling life that you enjoy
  • Your best life ever

Is recovering from burnout enough? We do not think so. Only when you can say that your burnout is a present and that you really got a better life after your burnout, we are satisfied.

Get to work with everything your burnout has given you to get the best life there is.


‘Life is to short to let stress and burnout hold you down. After recovering from both, I finally can say that those difficult times made me a better man that know what really makes me happy.’

Thomas, 45+, Stress and burnout

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