1. Acceptance and Recovery

The complete deep dive on burnout
and everything you need to win back control.

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Acceptance And Recovery

1. Acceptance and Recovery

Accepting is the key to recovery. Get effective tools to accept and recover from burnout. This is the basis of a full recovery

1. Acceptance and Recovery

Accepting your burnout is the key to recovery. Get effective tools to accept and recover from burnout. This lays the foundation for a full recovery.

How does this work?

Acceptance lays the foundation for a full recovery. It creates a starting point from which your progress can be made and measured. In five effective, online sessions you will receive the key tools to accept and to start the recovery. This solid foundation will help you through your entire recovery process.

What can you expect?

  • Physical recovery. A healthy mind in a healthy body
  • Mental recovery. You are getting happier
  • Structure. You know what to do, and what not to.
  • Discovering healthy and unhealthy patterns in your behavior
  • Finding the cause of the burnout
  • Get to know yourself and dare to stay there

In thousands of coaching sessions, we have found that our clients go through this process in 5 online sessions and can give their recovery a big boost.

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In the recovery from burnout, acceptance is the most important part. When you want to get out of burnout quickly, you actually find yourself slowing down. By accepting your current situation and taking the time for recovery, you lay a wonderful foundation for the future from which you will benefit later in your process.


‘Deepening my understanding of what stress and burnout was doing to me allowed me to not only better understand my own body, but also taught me when it was time to make sure the gas tank wouldn’t run out.’

Hans, 55+, burnout

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