2. Conquer stress
and burnout

Build healthy patterns that stick and make sure that stress has no hold on you.

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Conquer Stress And Burnout

2. Conquer stress
and burnout

Build healthy patterns that stick and make sure that stress has no hold on you.

2. Conquer stress and burnout

How does this work?

This 2nd phase is about learning new behavior. In the first phase, you got to know yourself well, but then it is important that you keep yourself healthy. You can start in phase 2 when you ‘only’ suffer from stress

Learning new skills and changing your behavior are important points in this process.

Your coach helps you to gain a healthy self-esteem and helps you to learn patterns so that you can and dare to stay close to yourself.

By doing so the acceptance and recovery from Phase 1 will be enhanced and embedded in your daily life. Here too, your coach will guide you through the necessary steps in five effective, online sessions.

What can you expect?

  • Continued physical and mental recovery
  • Insight in your own behavior and how to change it
  • A healthy self-esteem
  • Learning skills that make and keep you healthy
  • Setting new and healthy patterns
  • Focus on full physical and mental recovery

In thousands of coaching sessions, we have found that our clients go through this second process in 5 effective sessions

Do you want to know what this means for your situation? Ask for an intake!

In the recovery from burnout, recovery is the part that brings back your energy. It helps you to acquire skills that are necessary for your recovery process. In this way, you learn to take charge of your own life. You learn to recognize and use your own talents. You also learn in a practical way to avoid pitfalls and, eventually, to recover from burnout.


‘After years of struggling, it feels amazing to have found back the love that I felt when I started my own company. No longer will I let stress dictate how I feel, but now I make stress work for me instead of the other way around.’

Tim, 55+, Stress

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Are you ready to take control and let stress
no longer have a hold on you?

Then let’s take that step together with the box: 2. Conquer stress and burnout

Now 5 online sessions from €975,- for €750,-

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