Welcome at Milltain!

Our mission?
Giving you the best life ever!

How do we achieve that?

We have helped thousands of people suffering from stress or burnout not only to recover from burnout, but also to transform negative experiences into a healthy, fulfilling life. We call this: the best life ever!

How do we work? 

We like to keep things practical but warm. In concrete steps you get to know yourself and you can stay close to yourself. You learn to find and use the inner energy. You no longer have to lose energy to things and people around you

Our experience over thousands of trajectories is: anyone can recover from burnout, no matter how bad the situation is.

Your future? 

We need to take action. So are you ready to begin your journey? A journey to a life without burnout, without stress and best of all: a journey to your best life ever?

“Progress is not made by sitting and listening but by experiencing and actively doing what is needed.”

What are our core values?

online courses


All our courses are easily accessible online, no matter where you live or how busy your daily life is.
Wherever you are, there is always someone to help you



The best way to recover is to literally get active. Proper exercise is crucial for a healthy recovery!
Our coaches are well trained to help you with this



A good foundation is where you build your best life. That includes a good routine, sleep, food, breathing and posture and off course: a healthy self-esteem



To recover, of course, you will have to learn things.
Learn in practical, simple steps to make yourself less anxious and to reduce your stress.

Meet a few of our coaches



Meet online coach
Ruud from Milltain


Hi, my name is Ruud 

In this phase of my life, I am fully empowered. Together with my wife, I have four children that I am very proud of. In addition, I have a company that runs great and from which I get a lot of satisfaction.

This was different fifteen years ago. When I was 19, I ended up in a severe burnout. I could not do anything anymore and was literally burned out. Two studies, 20 hours of work, sports at a Dutch level, a protein intolerance (physical issue) and a will to always go on and be there for people, ensured that I ended up in hospital with heart complaints and a failing body.

Welcome! I am Daniëla

I am Daniëla. I am one of the stress and burnout coaches at Milltain.

I’m a mother of two beautiful sons and I have many interests: I love travelling, walking, reading, cooking (and eating), a glass of wine, the beach, music and dancing. I started my career in the technical (aerospace) engineering, but I quickly developed myself as a contract negotiator and later on as a coach and counselor.

As a coach, people tell me that I am a good listener with a lot of compassion. One of my qualities is my sense of humor. For me, humor is one of the important and beautiful life strategies. That’s why you will find it back in my coaching sessions. Off course, I can be confronting if needed, but always focussed on your process and with lots of compassion.

Your process is my goal. I believe that we can release the power in yourself. The power you are already aware off, but often is so hard to find.

We work together towards a life where you are in control, where you experience happiness and where you have energy to do the things that make you happy.

I am looking forward to our cooperation!

Meet our coach Daniela milltain


Meet online coach
Daniëla from Milltain

Meet coach Leo from milltain


Meet online coach
Leo from Milltain


My name is Leo

I am a burnout and stress coach at Milltain. I am also a physiotherapist with 30 years of experience. In that profession I have met and helped a lot of clients with burnout and stress related discomfort. This gives me a good insight in both the mental as physical site of ones problems and discomforts. Combined with my own burnout, years ago, I dare to say I have quite a lot of experience in this line of work.

Every person is unique, which means that every client has an own story, a unique life story, a unique character, an own interpretation of life and how he/she deals with any situation.

Every day life teaches us something new. The question is how we react on those newly learned things. Some are easy, some are a bit more challenging. And sometimes we “just don’t know it anymore”. That’s were I come into the picture.

Finding the right balance is essential. Together we will find the right path which fits you, as a  unique person!

I look forward meeting you!

Nice to meet you, I am Jeroen

I am a stress and burn-out coach at Milltain and father of two amazing daughters. I love the outdoors and, as I live in Portugal, these are never far away. Surfing, hiking and trail running are my favorite activities, but I also enjoy writing, cooking and travelling.

Before I moved to Portugal I already worked as a coach. Back then I mostly helped young adults to cope with their problems: homelessness, educational issues, financial problems, you name it. But when I got a burnout myself, it was me that needed help. A coach from Milltain provided that to me and helped me to get better and back on track!

Looking back now, no matter how difficult it was, my burnout feels more like a gift than a health problem. It transformed me into a much happier, healthier and stronger version of myself. And it was this experience that inspired me to start using my coaching skills and Milltain’s method to help people that are in the same situation as I was!

People that I coach often tell me that they feel quickly at ease with me, that I show a lot of compassion and that I work in a structured way, making it easy for them to know what to expect.

Having me as your coach means that I will be there for you every step of the way, that I will always listen but will also confront you when necessary and that you might cry but certainly will laugh. Together as a team we will get you your energy and your life back.

Happy to connect with you!


Meet online coach
Jeroen from Milltain


You only live once

You only live once and you should enjoy it. However, stress can get in the way of this enjoyment. After 8 training sessions with Ruud, I learned how to deal with stress and to stop letting it be a disturbing factor in my life. Ruud shows you in a practical, modern and active way how you can manage your stress. I recommend his training to everyone. Especially to young people with stress complaints, because I have noticed that dealing with your stress complaints in a sportive way is not only a lot more fun but also has more effect. You won’t find an approach like Ruud’s anywhere else!
H.Y (19jr)