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How to Recover from Stress or Burnout

Our years of experience have taught us that recovering from stress and burnout can be quite a struggle. But rest assured, with the proper steps, we can guarantee that this battle can be won. It can also be the stepping stone to changing your life for the better.

What are some of the tools we use to make this journey as painless as possible?

3 Steps to a Full Recovery!

It is time to turn your obstacle into a stepping stone. With our effective 3-step process, you will be able to beat burnout, reduce stress and discover what truly brings you fulfilment and happiness.

Our mission is to get you back on the road to living your best life ever!

3 steps - the complete package

3 Effective Steps to Conquer Burnout

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We know first hand what a tremendous impact a burnout can have on our day-to-day life. It may seem impossible but have hope, with the right guidance and a proper understanding a full recovery is guaranteed.

About Milltain

Milltain is providing burnout and stress coaching all around the world.

The coaches of Milltain have extensive experience with burnout and stress and, through training, help many, through personal experiences.

Your advantage? You don’t have to explain your situation, they know how you feel.

Our Goal

Giving you a better life after burnout. By using your experiences with stress and burnout we help you to find a better, happier and fulfilling live.

Milltain was founded in the Netherlands (part of Meulenberg Training and coaching), treating more than 5000 people with burnout and stress.

The Process

Step 1

1. Acceptance and Recovery

When dealing with burnout our first priority is to help you to accept and to understand what is happening in your body, and brain, in order to recover physically and mentally.

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Step 2

2. Conquer Stress and Burnout

Reducing stress requires much more than a few health tips and stress management techniques. It requires insight: into yourself, your patterns, your upbringing, etc. You are worthy of standing up for yourself and leading your own life.

Your coach can help you achieve this.

Step 3

3. Best Life Ever

Our goal is to not only reduce stress and beat burnout, but also help you find your best self and the life that truly makes you happy!

Let’s find your path to the best life ever.

Which Step(s) Suits You Best?

Having trouble deciding where your journey to happiness should start?
We gladly help you find the best starting point for you.