Coaching stress and burnout

Stress or Burn-out?

Milltain provides coaching for stress and burn-out for individuals and companies.

1000 + people

In the past years we have coached more than 1000 people.

10 + years of experience

Our coaches have more than 10 years of experience.

Knowledge base

Extensive knowledge base with dozens of blogs full of valuable information.

This is how Milltain helps you

Coaching burnout and stress

Coaching en training companies

Milltain provides training and coaching (online) for companies. For prevention against stress and burnout. Reduce stress and increase pleasure!

Coaching burnout individuals

Coaching en training individuals

Do you have a burnout or do you experience a lot of stress? Milltain supports individuals with coaching and counseling for burnout.

Meet the Milltain team

My name is Ruud Meulenberg, the driving force behind Milltain BV. With a team of 5 trainers we support organizations in the prevention of stress. Over the past 10 years we have provided training in stress prevention for a number of large companies. The training delivery is always received with enthusiasm and has proven results. 

With a super effective, experiential and people-oriented way of training, we have now helped hundreds of companies with reducing absenteeism.

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Recognizing a burnout

We've seen a great number of burnout symptoms over the years and we've been coaching and guiding thousands of people with burnout. 

We noticed that many people have doubts about whether they are burned out, or perhaps believe something else might be going on (such as physical issues).

With this ebook you will learn to recognize the symptoms in time.
✔ Including free checklist
✔ More then 83 pages with super valuable information

Ebook: symptoms burnout