Safety in The Workplace Reduces Absence. Why?

Safety in The Workplace Reduces Absence. Why?

Safety in the workplace: Burnout complaints are increasingly common, 13% of employees experience burnout complaints and in more than 35 % of working people, stress is the cause of absence from work. Safety plays a large role in this. If you do not feel safe enough to express that you are not coping well with work, how likely are you express these feelings in order to address them ? 

It is not that everyone with burnout symptoms results in burnout, but the chance is present. In addition, work performance decreases. The National Labor Conditions Survey shows that women experience burnout complaints more so than menBurnouts occur more in the education anI.C.T sector, because of the work stress that causes severe fatigue and nervousness, it is responsible for 35% of absence in employees. 


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Safety In the Workplace 

A burnout is ¼ of the reported occupational diseases. In 2015 it was reported that 229,700 people with symptoms of burnout visited their GP. However, a large proportion of people do not report it to their general practitioner, or even to the employeras a result, the situation goes from bad to worse. There are many employees who do not feel safe enough at work to say that they have not been coping wellWhy ?, They believe if they express their feelings they will be viewed as weak, do not complyand are not good enough. 


Do you know how to provide safety in the workplace and how it can benefit the reduction of burnout?


Many companies only want the focus on moving forward. They think little about the moment itself and fail to acknowledge that there are employees who stay behind. These employees are snowed under and will no longer give up their time after work if their efforts go unnoticed. In addition, the very strong characters who are opposed to being able to compensate. Are the people who suddenly report sick without a supervisor, noticing that they had been having difficulties. 


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Safety In the Workplace Means:

  • An employee can express him/her self if they fail 
  • That you are not weak to choose to spend time on recovery 
  • There is room for the idea that an accumulation of factors can lead to overload.
  • That you are still a good employee if you temporarily take a step back.

It is therefore important that there is room within a company to ensure safety. Employees must feel comfortable to indicate that they will not be able to carry on under continued overload. 


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Keep Talking With Your Employees 

It is therefore important to keep communicating with employees. Everyone needs to get attention and you have to be aware of what your employee/s are doing. Talk about not only work but private matters, you will, therefore, have a better connection with your employee and the chances are that he or she will knock on your door when a problem arises, whether work-related or personal. Ask them regularly if they come up against difficulties because many people only start asking for help when things have already started to decline. Or do not ask at all. The consequences can be guessed 


Connecting with employees

Connecting with your employees genuinely is of great value when you want to prevent burnout


Note the Burnout Signals 

People with burnout or burnout complaints show different symptoms. Be familiar with these symptoms so that you can recognize burnoubefore it impacts your business. For example, many people with burnout complaints will suffer from sleep problems, struggle to concentrate and are not as effective as they once were. In addition, people with burnout often find it hard to retain information and their responses are brief. More often than not the spouse or partner is first to notice, followed by colleagues than when it is already too late the employer. 

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burnout signals

Know what to look for…

what is burnout?

Understanding burnout, will help in preventing it from occurring among your employees.

Increase Your Knowledge About a Burnout 

When you know what burnout is and what the signals are, you can respond effectively and work to prevent your employees from being affected. Recognizing when the work pressure is high, and communicating this with employeesGive employees work that they are good at, and not too demandingAllow them to do work that they find engaging and rewarding. In addition, challenge and variation are also important. Those who remain challenged will remain motivated. Let your employees experiment with new things, but clearly state what you expect. Do not throw them in at the deep end and expect them too swim, monitor them and offer support when they seem to be having difficulty. Increasing internal mobility and personal development often have positive results. 

Be sure that the working environment is positive. Good furniture, a clean well-maintained buildingand good coffee are key for a good working environment. A healthy menu in the company canteen also contributes to the health of your employees.

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know about burnout

Understanding burnout, will help in preventing it from occurring among your employees.



Increase Safety in The Workplace 

Ask yourself regularly: what am doing to support the performance of my employees? Are my employees happy? If not: why, and what can be done about it? Burnout prevention does not lie in complicated extensive things. Ratherthe simple straightforward things work very effectively. 



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Milltain, with a team of experienced trainers, supports organizations in the prevention of stress and the (re) finding of work happiness in the workplace. Our training courses are aimed at managers within companies. A burnout quickly costs the organization € 70,000.

In addition to financial suffering, human suffering is high. Not only for the employee but also for close colleagues who have to deal with the blows. Before you know it you are in a negative vicious circle.

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