Red spots on skin due to stress: You have to speak to a large group of people, give a presentation, have an intensive conversation or you are somewhere in the spotlight. The situation requires all your effort, you are nervous and to make matters worse, you also get red spots! Exactly at a moment that you definitely want to come across. Recognizable? Wondering how these red spots arise and what you can do about it?

Recognizing a burn-out

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Why do I get red spots when I’m under stress?

Often the red spots appear in social situations. Most get them in their face and neck, but they can also appear on your chest, abdomen, arms, legs or hands. It is suspected that the spots are caused by stress hormonen in the blood and not by a reaction of the nervous system, as is the case with normal blushing.

When you are under stress, the body produces substances that are not good for the skin. Cortisol is, among other things, a hormone that is produced. Too much cortisol can contribute to inflammations that cause the red spots on the skin. The substance histamine is also activated by stress. Histamine is responsible for the red discolourations on your skin. This substance is usually the cause of the stress spots that occur just like that. If you already suffer from a skin condition, this condition can be made worse by stress and histamine can make red spots more fiery.

Red spots on skin due to stress

What do you do against blemishess on the skin?

Of course you can wear turtlenecks, so no one sees the red spots or use a camouflaging cream. Creams with aloe vera and chamomile are soothing for the skin. You could also sit in the sun a bit more so that you get a tan. If you are tanned, you will see the red spots much less or not at all. But this way you hide or camouflage the spots and don’t tackle the cause.

Perhaps the red spots on skin due to stress are not the only expression of stress your body gives.

Permanently remove red spots on skin due to stress

Tackling the cause is a little more complicated. The red spots are caused, among other things, by histamine in the blood. This substance also occurs in certain foods. Avocados and mangos, for example, contain a lot of histamine. These products are better avoided if you quickly have red skin. But the real cause is of course stress, because histamine is activated by stress. So the best thing is to reduce stress.

Find out for yourself in which situations you usually suffer from red spots. Why do you experience stress at that moment? Analyse the source of stress and see how you can deal with it. Try not to worry too much when you find yourself in a stressful situation. Of course that is easier said than done, but putting the situation in perspective can help. Bear in mind that the red spots may be noticed, but they do not determine what you radiate to others. Despite the red spots, you can come across as very self-confident.

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