Blurred vision can be recognized by asking these questions: Do you sometimes see things blurred? Do you regularly have spots in front of your eyes? Does the world around you look duller? Do you have dry eyes? Or are you quickly sensitive to light?

Then there is a chance that you are suffering from fatigue, whether chronic or not, or are stressed. Even a burnout is possible.

Your eyes are very prone to tension. Blurred vision is then a common problem. It occurs in countless people and has many causes. It can occur suddenly; often with both eyes, sometimes with one eye. With blurred vision you see everything duller and the contrasts are more blurred. Depending on the cause, the symptoms can be temporary or long-lasting.

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Blurred vision due to stress

During our daily activities we all experience stress to a greater or lesser degree. It is a kind of tension that occurs in our body in response to external stimuli and is followed by a certain pattern of physiological reactions.

Usually we know how to deal with it and do not experience any physical or psychological complaints. However, those who are excessively exposed to stress do experience complaints. There is even the possibility that you get burned out.

Blurred vision due to burnout

Because of fatigue, psychological tension or because you are burned out, your muscles tighten. This can lead to blurred vision in the eye muscles, which reduces your visual acuity. Blurred vision due to fatigue or tension is generally a temporary complaint. As soon as you are less tense, your vision becomes clearer again.

Feelings of fatigue and exhaustion are strongly emphasised in physical and psychological complaints. Your complaints limit you in your daily functioning. This is certainly true if your vision is blurred.

Blurred vision can be accompanied by other symptoms, such as dry, itchy or burning eyes. There may also be increased tear production in one or both eyes, or excessive eye secretion.

There is really no immediate need to visit an optician in case of blurred vision. Also, grabbing eye drops or dabb the eyes with sterile (boiled and cooled) water only combats the symptoms. When in doubt whether it is a physical complaint, you can do an eye test.

If you suspect that the complaints are the result of fatigue or tension, it is better to tackle the cause of the complaints. Possibly with the help of your family doctor, who will refer you to a suitable coach.

Blurred vision during stress or burnout

Blurred vision in case of stress or burnout resolution

An old idea is that rest is enough to deal with burnout complaints. Nowadays we know that in addition to rest, an active approach is needed to recover from stress or burnout. Recovery takes place in three phases. And in all three phases there are things you can do yourself. In the first phase you have to acknowledge and accept that you are suffering from stress or burnout.

Rest and relaxation and contemplation are essential in this phase. In the second phase you will list possible causes and actively work with them. In the third phase in particular the learned behaviour needs to be safeguarded. In this phase you will also be able to resume your daily activities more and more.

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Training and coaching

Milltain provides training and coaching for private individuals and organisations. Our team consists of 35 coaches and trainers who have now helped thousands of people struggling with stress and burnouts.

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Movement and nature play prominent roles in this training. Recovery is a process that contains peaks and troughs, and that’s something we know all about. Our highly experienced coaches provide you with active support.

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Conquer burnout and stress

Reducing stress and recovering from burnout can be quite the challenge. With the help of our professional coaches, we are convinced that a full recovery is within reach. Our years of experience has taught us what stepping stones will help you reach your goal more effectively and how to make sure the changes you make will be of help to you for the rest of your life. Let’s turn your burnout or stress into your best life ever.

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