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Are you completely done with stress and does your situation seem almost hopeless? Do you not know how to get rid of that annoying stress and do you notice the negative consequences such as stomach ache, headache, a bad mood and a full head? This is your chance to get started!

Hi! I am Ruud Meulenberg.

I was 19 when I got a burnout. 2 studies, 20 hours of work, sports at a national level, a protein intolerance (physical issue) and a will to keep going all the time made sure that I ended up in hospital with heart complaints and falling limbs.

The road to recovery took me 2 years, and I still have the fear of getting sick again. I now help people recover from burnout every day.

I do this together with my team through targeted 1-on-1 coaching, webinars, blogs and in our online community with more than 100 active participants..

ruud meulenberg

You will discover this:

The following things are covered:

  • How do I communicate nonviolently?
  • How do I make exercise fun?
  • How do I reduce phone usage?
  • How do I set clear boundaries?
  • How do I get good sleep?

The advantages:

For these reasons you participate challenge:

  • Practical tips that we use exclusively in our coaching
  • Say goodbye to annoying physical complaints
  • Experience mental and physical resilience
  • No longer do yourself short!
  • Every day you will receive 1 tip for a stress-free life

€ 45,95

€ 30,-

21 days a tip in your mailbox

21 days of guidance via email. You start the challenge immediately after registration.