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Stop stress and burn-out! 


10 + years

Our coaches have years of experience in coaching, entrepreneurship, and in business.

Take Control

Discover how you as an organization can take control of stress in the work place, burn out, pre-sickness and high sick leave costs.

The Netherlands

Our trainers are active throughout the Netherlands and specify in the training of managers.

Here is how Milltain helps you...

Absence prevention training

Instead of putting out fires and following the facts, opt for an effective approach to preventing stress and burnout.

Plan an advisory meeting

This unit makes a perfect suit for a USP. Here you can tell us more about what you are looking for so we can provide you with the training best suited to your needs.

Meet the Milltain team

My name is Ruud Meulenberg, the driving force behind Milltain BV. With a team of 5 trainers we support organizations in the prevention of stress. Over the past 10 years we have provided training in stress prevention for a number of large companies. The training delivery is always received with enthusiasm and has proven results. 

With a super effective, experiential and people-oriented way of training, we have now helped hundreds of companies with reducing absenteeism.

Just some of the clients Milltain have worked with in recent years

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Find more articles about stress prevention