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Are you totally done with this?

Are you irritated by your partner about your surroundings?

Are you irritated by your partner about your surroundings?

You irritate yourself immensely with your partner, everything is too much for you. You want to enjoy it but it simply does not work.
Enjoy the children, who cares!

Enjoy the children, who cares!

You are no longer able to enjoy playing with the children. After a working day or an ordinary day, it is simply too much for you!
Are you walking around with feeling weighed down?

Are you walking around with feeling weighed down?

Laugh and play? How does that feel again? Your days are filled with a haze and a heavy feeling. How would you like to feel better again!
Are you no longer able to enjoy yourself?

Are you no longer able to enjoy yourself?

There is no way to enjoy the little things. You are only concerned with 'how to get rid of this bad feeling'. How carefree you would like to be.
If only you could sleep through the night!

If only you could sleep through the night!

A good night's sleep seems centuries ago. You just lie awake, worry, are angry and the next day also very tired and you definitely want this to change.
Are you always angry or annoyed?

Are you always angry or annoyed?

You actually always feel dissatisfaction and anger. You get tired of your own grumbling at everything and everyone around you. This is not nice! 

How good that you are here!

Lots of people try to reinvent the wheel, but what if you can get the help of the founder? 

Hi, my name is Ruud

Hi, my name is Ruud 

In this phase of my life, I am fully empowered. Together with my wife, I have four children that I am very proud of. In addition, I have a company that runs great and from which I get a lot of satisfaction.


This was different fifteen years ago. When I was 19, I ended up in a severe burnout. I could not do anything anymore and was literally burned out. Two studies, 20 hours of work, sports at a Dutch level, a protein intolerance (physical malheur) and a will to always go on and be there for people, ensured that I ended up in hospital with heart complaints and a failing body.

This is how my road to recovery went

The road to recovery took me 2 years, and I still have the fear of getting sick again. The 2 years were full of falling, getting up, falling very hard again, etc. But each time I landed a bit softer and started to understand that it didn't work out the way I wanted it to. 

I learned that:

  • I needed to take better care of myself
  • that my energy level is not infinite
  • my base had to be in order to get better

I slowly regained pleasure in the things I did. 

What I can do ... you can too! And we help you ...

Milltain provides guidance in case of burnout with a team of professional coaches. Together with a team of well-trained, human coaches, we help people who get stuck in daily life due to stress and burnout. Our team is active all around the world. This means that wherever you live, you will always be helped!

Every coach in my team is happy when he / she sees that you are growing through our coaching

You can expect this:

Milltain provides tailor-made training. That means that we look at what your exact question is. Here we go into depth.

Where is your pain? Where are your needs?

Then you will work on your theme together with our coaches. Together we determine what the program will look like. And then we get to work!
Review of Hans
'I have moved a lot further in my search for balance in life. Thanks to Ruud! '
Hans, 55+, severe stress

Would you like to meet? (without obligation)

Just between us ...

Let me tell you: a burnout is not always easy to understand for others. It makes you feel like no one understands you. That's why I focus specifically on you: all coaches in my team have specific experience with burnout. In addition to all our knowledge and experience, this is an essential factor in our coaching.


There is no easy way to say this, but you have to get started with yourself.


We promise to respect your limits. Recovery is a process of ups and downs. We know that all too well! During this process you will discover the secret of a balanced life in which you learn to accept that peaks and troughs are part of it.

This is what you allow yourself by choosing coaching for burnout:

✓ Peace of mind: put an end to the vicious circles in which you turn.

✓ Find out why caring for yourself is so incredibly important

✓ Learn to enjoy the little things again

✓ You lift the relationship with your partner, children and / or friends to a higher level

✓ You say goodbye to the turmoil in your body for good

✓ This way you organize your life in a way that suits you completely

✓ How to build a structure that gives energy rather than costs energy

✓ Say goodbye to frustration, irritation and a short fuse.

✓ A relief, you sleep through the night and you are rested and fit again

''Learned to deal with stress''
'After training 8 times with Ruud, I learned to deal with stress and to stop it being a disturbing factor in my life. Ruud shows you in a practical, modern and active way how to manage stress. I recommend his training to everyone '
''Learned to deal with stress''
Hannah, 19 Junior, Burnout
''Effective guidance did me good''
'In the beginning of my burnout I was at home and I didn't know what to do anymore. I could only sit on the couch or lie in my bed. I eventually returned to a different workplace. This effective guidance has really done me good "
''Effective guidance did me good''
Berend, 38 years, Burnout
Individual coaching in case of burnout

Tailor-made coaching

Milltain provides tailor-made coaching. Get started with a program that suits you exactly.
Individual coaching in case of burnout

Experienced coaches

Our experienced coaches are ready to help you recover from your burnout.
Individual coaching in case of burnout

Tackle your problems

Get started with your specific problems, together with your coach.

How to start? 

Coaching burn out

Step 1: contact

If you want to find out how we can help you, please fill in a contactform or send an e-mail to: We try to contact you within 24 hours! 
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Step 2: intake

We connect you with one of our experienced coaches. We will plan a free intake within one week. In this intake we find out what your struggle is, and how we can help you with it. We will provide a clear actionplan
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Step 3: action

In our opinion it's import to start as quickly as possible to avoid worse. Your coach has the experience and the knowhow to get you out of the burn-out as good as possible. 
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Step 4: enjoy life!

Our coaching is focussed not only on recovery, but to make you happy and energetic. Do you want to feel the energy fizzing? Let's start at stap 1 right now. 

Do you allow yourself the step to a life without stress or burn-out?