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Are you struggling with employee absenteeism due to stress and/or burnout? 

Milltain is a leading expert in the field of stress and burnout prevention. Find out more?

Are you concerned about employees in the organisation?

Worstel je met het ziekteverzuim binnen de organisatie waar je werkt? Zie je dat binnen de organisatie geworsteld wordt met al die veranderingen die zich rap tempo opstapelen? Lijden de medewerkers in de teams en op de afdelingen onder de stress?


Is er weer een medewerker ziek naar huis gegaan? En breek jij je hoofd over hoe dat toch kan? Het houdt je bezig, je voelt je er rot onder en je slaapt er zelfs slecht van. Je ziet het probleem ontstaan maar hebt geen idee waar je moet beginnen om dit probleem op te lossen. 


Generally, You do not want to concern yourself with the laws, reintegration of employees and long-term absenteeism. You want your employees to continue to grow and be in the proper place within the organisation.

But alas, that is currently not the case.


You feel despondent. How will you ever get this done? It feels like you are the only who is concerned with this problem. But you cannot share it. It does not feel safe.

First things first:

I am not writing this for everyone; I am writing this for you, the manager who feels responsible for this. It suits you. Your responsibility and your loyalty are a great strength. But...

Take a deep breath!

You are carrying a problem that should be supported organisation-wide. You should know that the signs do not lie. Employees absenteeism can happen, but when this happens structurally, there is really something that needs to change.

Who are you dealing with?

Aangenaam: Ruud Meulenberg. Specialist in het omgaan met stress en burn-out en eigenaar van twee bedrijven. Wij zijn met Milltain gespecialiseerd in stress- en burnoutpreventie binnen organisaties. Dit doen we voor MKB organisaties maar ook voor grote organisaties en overheidsinstanties als ING, Gemeente Utrecht, Openbaar Ministerie, Arval en het Kadaster.


Heel concreet verzorgen wij trainingen voor leidinggevenden èn werknemers binnen de organisatie.

Geen abracadabra, gewoon het neerzetten van een goed fundament zodat ziekteverzuim voorkomen wordt.

In de afgelopen jaren hebben we duizenden mensen gecoacht. In de praktijk blijkt dat werknemers die werken in ‘onrustige organisaties’ sneller last van stress hebben. Maar we weten met deze ervaring ook dat er iets aan te doen is. Er is altijd sprake van een rode draad. 

That is good news.

It means that absenteeism due to stress or burnout can be prevented or reduced within organisations, including your organisation!

Interested in a consultation session?

During a consultation session, we will spend an hour discussing your situation. Our experience shows that we can get the core issue out on the table. The consultation session is completely free of charge; we also understand that you want to know who you are dealing with.

Why many organisations fail at stress prevention

You are well aware by now that an extra piece of fruit is not a fundamental solution. This sets the bar too low. Your company is essentially not well prepared for the changing market, the amount of work and the speed of technological changes.

Too often, ad hoc solutions are used, such as a 'healthy canteen'. However, that is just putting a band-aid on a bullet wound; it will not provide a permanent solution. The core issue is not looked at, and that will cost (a lot of) money!

Employees' long-term absenteeism cost money. And are stressful. It keeps you from the essential business goals. The HRM department must deal with peripheral matters, (still) fit employees must take over work from absent people, goals are not achieved. And then the negative spiral becomes a fact in no time.

Clear, but what is the secret of good stress prevention?

We are aware that there are many different interests at play within the organisation.

It all starts with safety. Sounds like a cliché, but it is proven time and again. Managers find it difficult to talk freely about the problems they see. They are the connecting factor between management and employees. And they are loyal to both.

That is why we always provide our training sessions at a location other than the location where you work. We start with the absolute basis. A safe environment.

We promise that you will be able to share your story in a safe environment. Because only then can we get started on the solution.


This is the foundation of our vision:

The problem is almost always deeper.

But where?

We cannot tell you exactly from here.

That is why we would like to discuss it with you. Because that is custom work.

We do not present ready-made tricks.

We want to go in-depth.

Interested in a consultation session?

Which companies benefit from Milltain's approach?

Heel eerlijk. Je moet verder durven kijken dan je neus lang is, als organisatie. Fitte en energieke medewerkers vergroten in alle opzichten het werkplezier. Voor iedereen binnen de organisatie.  

Practical: what are we going to do?

In alle gevallen starten we met een meedenksessie. Tijdens deze sessie kijken we mee en sparren we over het vraagstuk wat op tafel komt. Hieruit volgt een plan van aanpak. 

Milltain provides training services at these locations

Training in-company

De training wordt incompany verzorgd op de locatie van de onderneming. 


Training at 1 of our special locations

De training vindt plaats buiten, op één van de 12 unieke locaties in Nederland. Op deze veilige locaties wordt diepgang en impact gemaximaliseerd

Do you want us to think along with you?