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Reduce absenteeism within your organization by opting for a consistent and result-oriented approach.

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Managers and employees that learn how to deal with stress and burn out among employees.

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Instead of putting out fires and running behind the facts within the organization, opt for an effective approach to preventing stress and burnout.

"We don't really know how to deal with burnout and stress," I heard the HR Manager of a large organization say when I was talking to her. "If we want to realize our plans, it is vital to get a grip on this to prevent all our plans from collapsing like a house of cards."

We see in practice that many organizations know very well that stress and burn out are a threat. Nevertheless, at least 80% of these organizations do not intervene, with the result that the organization ends up in a downward spiral. Employees sit at home without paying anything, other employees have to close gaps and work on sick leave records. Goals are not achieved and the money flows to the wrong things. The organization is taking a step back instead of moving forward.

And that is a great pity, because did you know that all problems, as mentioned below, can occur? Our statement: Every employee with burn out is one too many.

Ruud Meulenberg

My name is Ruud Meulenberg, owner of Meulenberg Training and Coaching & Milltain. Over the past 10 years, we have provided training in stress prevention for numerous large companies. The training delivery is always received with enthusiasm and has proven results.

With a super effective, experiential and people-oriented way of training, we have now helped hundreds of companies with reducing absenteeism.

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Introducing Stress Prevention and Burnout Training

During this training we deal with the following:

  • How does the organization find the balance between work pressure and relaxation?
  • Prevention instead of cure: a targeted plan of action to prevent stress
  • Learn to recognize the moment when a supervisor should intervene when stress is signaled
  • Clear insight into the stress factors within the organization
  • Recognize stress signals early
  • Have the right conversation with employees in the event of stress signals
  • How do you ensure that employees feel heard while taking the roller coaster of emotions into account?

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These are the consequences of stress within organizations

High levels of sick leave

On average, 14% of your employees have burn out complaints. This means a continuous high risk of failure within your organization.


working capacity

Employees simply function less because they are burnt out by stress and overload with all the consequences that this has for the organization.

Far-reaching impact

on the organization

The impact of employees with burn out is huge on your organization! What does this mean for your organizational goals, what does this mean financially?



A burn out quickly costs € 70,000. Burn out failure leads to high absenteeism costs. Not only do the costs for illness rise but also the revenues decrease because employees drop out.


vicious circle

With a high failure rate, the organization ends up in a vicious circle. The illness of employee 1 is taken care of by employee 2 with an increased risk of stress upon stress.

Employee suffering

Apart from aspects such as medical expenses and sickness absence, there is also human suffering. Of course you want to prevent this within your organization and create a workplace that is as pleasant as possible for employees.

Super Concrete: what does burnout & stress prevention training offer?


Managers are well equipt to recognize stress and burnout

Supervise employees

Managers know how to successfully guide employees

More grip on absenteeism

Managers learn to turn the keys in time to avoid and prevent stress.

Sickness absence


Absenteeism within the organization is falling (due to burnout and stress)


Staff Members

Employees are more vital and fitter, which means they contribute more.

Motivation Among Employees

Employees are involved, which results in better performance.

Safe and Negotiable 

The burn out theme becomes a safe and negotiable theme in the organization. organization.

More Efficient at Work 

Effectiveness grows because there is more peace and relaxation.

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Tailored Advice Plan

Use of Expertise

Training Implementation

Assurance and Evaluation

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