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Clear communication: a must for preventing problems in the workplace

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Training en coaching companies

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Training en coaching companies

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Poor Communication

Costs Time and Money

Inadequate communication costs money. When there is no clear communication about tasks, boundaries and other matters, there is frustration and resentment between employees. Dealing with criticism / feedback can also be a tricky issue.

During the training communication and feedback we get started with the right techniques for communication and feedback.

My name is Ruud Meulenberg. I am an entrepreneur and owner of Milltain and Meulenberg Training & Coaching. Our trainers have helped dozens of organizations improve team work.

Training en coaching companies



Communication is the birthplace of good collaboration. After the training, people are more aware of the method of communication.


Employees and managers learn to cope better with giving and receiving feedback (or criticism). The basis is awareness.

Cost Control

Employees and managers discover how they increased their resilience so that criticism is not picked up personally.

Assertive Behavior

By communicating clearly, colleagues and team members know what they can do to each other. This prevents frustration and uncertainty within teams.

Practical Solution

Because not everything is pent up and everything is clearly communicated, the workload at the bottom is less. More work pleasure.

Unnecessary Absence

Safety is the basis of good communication. Employees must feel free to be able to say what they want to say. We will get started with this!

Structure of the Training

Duration of training

Duration of Training

The training takes 1/2 a day. During consultation we discuss the most suitable time that for you.

Size of groups

Size of Groups

We work with groups of up to 8 participants to guarantee results

Training en coaching companies


You can always ask questions afterwards. Our trainers are happy to help you.

Training en coaching companies

Reference work

We provide handouts that can be used within the organization.

Training communication and feedback

Do you want more information about the working method and training of Milltain BV. Please contact Ruud van den Berg, The senior trainer. He will provide you with all the correct information. If desired, we can schedule an appointment without obligation.