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  • 12 phases in which you can recognize a burnout early
  • An overview of literally all burnout symptoms
  • Top 10 with most common mistakes made by managers.
  • Help with addressing an overloaded employee
  • Emergency assistance when an employee does get burned out.
  • Correct dealing with an employee who has been burned out.
  • An effective build-up schedule after burnout.

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Of employees experience a burn out (on average)


On the other team members, which threatens to drop out.


costs per employee with a burn out.


Less profit through lower productivity.

My name is Ruud Meulenberg

My name is Ruud Meulenberg, the driving force behind Meulenberg Training and Coaching. With a team of more than 20 coaches, we work daily to prevent stress and burn out complaints.

As a manager and from personal experience, I know what burn out is and what you should do about it.

By using a structural, strategic approach, we reduce the number of burnout cases within organizations.

We share our knowledge with you, as a manager, through all these free downloads.

This toolkit includes

Take control of burn out

You know what to do with the simple handles.

Reduced sickness absence 

Sickness absence reduced by effectively dealing with burnout


You know what your employee is going through and how you should respond.

Prevent failure

You recognize the signals and you know how to respond.

Increased productivity

Employees with less stress perform better.

Better leadership

Respond efficiently to new situations and get better leadership

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