Training in Absence & Return to Work Interviews

Designed for executives who want to reduce absenteeism and take control of it in a natural way.

In-house training

We provide training at your company, organization or business.

10+ years of experience

Our trainers have decades of experience in the profession.

500+ Courses delivered

We have now provided more than 500 training courses.

More control over absence?

For years, we have been steadfast in the delivery of Stress Prevention Training, meaning that our trainers have helped hundreds of managers with a targeted approach to absenteeism. We can, therefore, tell you exactly what works and what doesn't.

We commonly find that absenteeism training sessions are specifically focused on theory. While the human aspect is often forgotten. We do not talk about magic tricks or instant solutions but rather about substantial contact and communication with employees.

Did you know that with just a few adjustments an absence and return to work interview can be improved in no time? No theory from the textbooks, but a practical approach that suits you.


Reduce Absenteeism

By conducting good absenteeism interviews, managers know how to reduce absenteeism.


Managers become aware of their role and responsibilities in reducing absenteeism.

They know how to act

Cost Control

By conducting good absenteeism interviews, absenteeism is reduced and health insurance costs are reduced.

Avoid Absence

Learn how to prevent employees from reporting sick without good reason. This reduces absenteeism

Practical Solutions

After this training you, as a manager, have the right tools to carry out a constructive absence interview.

Unnecessary Absence

Good absenteeism interviews prevent unnecessary absenteeism. Employees are no longer absent for unnecessary periods of time.

Structure of the Training

Duration of Training

The training takes 1/2 a day. During consultation we discuss the most suitable time that for you.

Size of Groups

We work with groups of up to 8 participants, We have seen that groups of this size guarantee results.


You can always ask questions afterwards. Our trainers are happy to help you.

Reference Work

We provide handouts that can be used within the organization at a later date .

Training in Absenteeism Interview

Do you want more information about the working method and training of Milltain BV. Please contact Ruud van den Berg, The senior trainer. He will provide you with all the correct information. If desired, we can schedule an appointment without obligation.